Visit Martha Cook

Located in the heart of central campus at 906 S University in Ann Arbor - the Martha Cook Building is home to 145 undergraduate and graduate residents. 

As a residential building, the Martha Cook Building is closed to the public. We open the doors to alumnae and friends for special events at various times throughout the year.

Escorted tours of the Building can be arranged by contacting [email protected] or 734-647-2203.

Explore the Martha Cook Building

Main Hallway
The main hallway is in full view upon entry into the Building. Anchored since 1917 at its far end by a marble replica of the Venus de Milo. The hallway is a pleasant place to visit with guests. Upholstered couches and wooden benches are available for seating along the hallway.

Also located in the main hallway is a large table where event notices and sign-ups pertaining to the Building are displayed. 

Gold Room
The Gold Room is the venue of numerous events in the Building. Originally the Blue Room until the motif was converted in 1961. The Gold Room houses the Building’s prized art case Steinway piano since 1930. While a practice piano is available in the Recreation Room, the piano in the Gold Rom is tuned regularly and often played by the women of the Building.

When not being utilized for Friday Tea, the Gold Room is often a space for study and relaxation.

Red Room
A portrait of Martha Wolford Cook, the Building's namesake, proudly hangs in the Red Room since 1917. Like the Gold Room, the Red Room is another space for residents to gather to social, study, or relax. The Red Room’s large wooden table hosted the monthly Board of Governors meeting as well as craft activities planned by House Board. 

Sparking Room
Connecting the Red Room to the Gold Room, the Sparking Room is a charming little nook conducive for studying and holding more private conversations. The Sparking Room also contains a collection of Martha Cook Annuals.

Dining Room
The Dining Room is located on the south side of the first floor. Monday-Friday residents enjoy their meals together in this intimate setting. The dining experience at Martha Cook has consistently provide an atmosphere of kinship in addition to the physical nourishment provided by MDining.

Special meals are often hosted in the Dining Room, including Dinner for New Residents, late night Soup & Bread Bowls during exams, and Dinner for Graduations.

Huddle Room & Alumnae Room
The Huddle and Alumnae Rooms are located across from the Community Center. Originally part of the building director’s apartment and office suite, these spaces are available as a quiet study or meeting space for residents and those visiting the Building.

Community Learning Center
The Community Learning Center, also known as the computer lab, is located in the basement, at the foot of the north stairwell. It houses several computers and printers. Residents have 24-hour access to the space. In addition to these technology resources, the room is also one of the few spaces equipped with A/C and often serves as a retreat for residents during the hottest days August.

Recreation Room
The Recreation Room is located in the basement, across from the elevator. The Rec Room houses a TV that is available for resident use. Additionally, a practice piano is available in this space. The piano is tuned regularly. Other resources located in the Rec Room include mailboxes for residents, a collection of board games, and some light fitness gear. 

Libraries are located at the north end of the second and third floors. These quiet rooms on the residential floors reserved primarily for studying. 

Kitchenettes may be found on the north end of the second, third, and fourth floors. Each kitchenette is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, and ironing board. These amenities are for all residents use.

Laundry Room
The Laundry Room is located on the west side of the hallway, between the Community Learning Center and the Recreation Room in the basement.