Martha Cook Building

Martha Cook Alumnae Association Constitution

We, the alumnae of Martha Cook Building of Ann Arbor, Michigan, now residents of the world, in order to deepen the bonds of our college friendships; to preserve our collegiate memories and reaffirm our loyalty to the University of Michigan; and to constitute a union which may be of practical support and benefit to the administrative board and present residents of the Martha Cook Building — do establish this constitution for the Martha Cook Alumnae Association.

Martha Wolford Cook

MCAA Membership and Voluntary Dues

All MCB Alumnae become members of the MCAA upon graduation.  Your voluntary dues support the Association including the Outstanding Resident Award, operating expenses, etc. and are requested in addition to your other financial gifts to Martha Cook.

If you would like to support the MCAA with you voluntary dues, please make checks payable to "Martha Cook Alumnae Association" and mail them to:

Mary Hoadley, MCAA Treasurer
7255 Merrybrook Drive
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Please note:  this gift is not tax-deductible.

 Martha Cook Building poster

The MCAA Board of Directors

The MCAA Board of Directors is made up of volunteer alumnae who are actively involved in serving the Association and the Building through their efforts.

Board members meet at the Martha Cook Building once a month, for eight months a year. Currently, meetings are held at 1 pm on 2nd Sundays.

You can reach the entire board at once by emailing


Martha Cook tea cup

About the Martha Cook Alumnae Association

In June 1918, alumnae who were visiting Martha Cook at commencement met and organized the original Martha Cook Alumnae Association.

In 1927, the Martha Cook Alumnae Association was reestablished. Formerly known as the “Martha Cook Alumnae Association of Detroit,” the present MCAA serves as the “mother” chapter of the organization.

The MCAA is managed by a Board of Directors, which consists of a group of Alumnae volunteers who are actively involved in serving the Martha Cook Building while maintaining contact among the Alumnae members.

Martha Cook's first graduating class - 1916

Edwina Tea

Edwina Jaques BFA ’70, MFA ’75, the alumna who created our Edwina sculpture in 1995, mingled with residents at Friday tea October 13, 2017.

credit Edwina Tea

Featured Cookie: Trenna Edmonson Ruffner

Nancy Weisswasser Hirsch BA ’68

A block of four 22¢ United States postage stamps was printed in 1987 to honor the art of lace making, and one of these stamps depicts dogwood blossoms in Honiton style lace.1 It was designed by Martha Cook alumna Trenna Edmonson Ruffner (BS Pharmacy, ’58), who started making lace as a leisurely pastime in the early years of her marriage. However, as the years have passed, her skill and dedication truly merit her consideration as a master of weaving these delicate fabrics.

photo Trenna Ruffner

MCAA President’s Report

Patricia Joan (P.J.) Petitpren BA ’88

We can be proud that MCAA is strong! As the Martha Cook Alumnae Association (MCAA) celebrates 100 years of adding depth to the community, traditions, and events at the Building, we also celebrate large membership on the MCAA Board, active student resident leadership involvement, and strong participation by former Cookies at events throughout the year.

photo P.J. Petitpren

A Century of the MCAA

The Martha Cook Alumnae Association, unique among
the U-M residence halls, was formally organized in
1918 in time to be included in the 1917-18 annual. The
group’s traditional focus has been supporting current
residents by raising money for scholarships, providing
needed gifts to the Building

MCB Annual photo

Stay Connected on CookieNet

Lynn Zwinck B Mus ’06

The MCAA is on CookieNet with 446 members! Residents and alumnae are encouraged to join this Facebook group. Network, meet, learn, support, and share. As a bonus, members receive advance notice of MCAA events. To join, email your name and graduation year to me at

photo CookieNet

Martha Cook Alumnae Association Voluntary Dues

All MCB alumnae become members of the MCAA upon graduation. Voluntary dues in any amount are appreciated and support the Outstanding Resident Award, MCAA operating expenses, etc. They are not tax deductible. Please make checks payable to the Martha Cook Alumnae Association and mail to:

Mary Hoadley, MCAA Treasurer
7255 Merrybrook Drive
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Submit a Cookie Crumb

Kathy Graneggen Moberg BA ’79

Help keep our friendship circle strong by sharing news with fellow alumnae about yourself and your MCB friends. Please include your full name, degree, graduation year, city, state and any contact information you wish to have printed. The crumbs are a great way to reach out to friends from your college days and to meet other Cookies who live nearby, too. Photos, recent or vintage, are welcome but at least one MCB alumna must be pictured.

Martha Cook Building Records, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan