For Current Residents

Martha Cook House Board

The Martha Cook House Board meets every week. All residents are welcome to attend the meeting where all-house business is discussed. 

Dinner for New Residents

More than one hundred new Martha Cook residents were formally welcomed to the building at the fall 2021 Dinner for New Residents. With the term successfully underway in all areas of campus life, including here at Martha Cook, our new residents very much enjoyed one of the building’s favorite traditions.

Community Center Engagement (the front desk!)

Michayla Saraino ‘22

In our lobby there is a white board managed by the Community Center. It has been used for at least the last four years to encourage community development and conversation amongst residents.

House Board President

Emilia O'Brien, House Board President 2021-2022

My name is Emilia O’Brien, I am a junior in the School of Information minoring in Public Policy. This is my third year at the university and in the building, as well as my second year on the house board. I previously served as Vice President and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the President of the Martha Cook Building house board this year. 

Community Center Staffers Serve as First Line of Security for MCB

Catherine Walsh Davis BA’ 70, MM ’76

Many Cookies remember Martha Cook’s front desk as the place to pick up the Michigan Daily in the morning, mail just after noon, and phone messages when returning to the Building from class or after dinner. Time, not to mention COVID-19, has changed the desk’s functions. The Daily is now non-subscription and available in the hall, mailboxes are in the basement rec room, and the switchboard and message board are long gone. The location itself is no longer referred to as the front desk but since 2015, as the Community Center (CC).