Martha Cook Building

The Martha Cook Building is grateful to our many donors who over the years have supported our projects, programs, and scholarships.  Our current fundraising efforts are focused on gathering the funds to carry out a renovation of the Building’s infrastructure and increase our scholarship endowment although gifts to any of our funds are always welcome.  Gifts to the Martha Cook Building are also gifts to the University of Michigan.  In addition to your annual donation, please consider adding MCB to your estate plan.  U-M offers many planned giving options and all are available to Martha Cook’s donors.

Frequently asked questions are available here.

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MCB Funds

If you would prefer to give via mail, we have changed our gift response form to better meet the requirements and efficiencies of the U-M Giving system. Please complete the form and mail to University Development, University of Michigan, Dept. CH10189, Palatine, IL, 60055-0189. Because gifts are processed by a bank, individual notes to persons at MCB cannot be forwarded to us.

For information on charitable giving, including estate planning, email Heidi Kirby, Assoc. Director of Development,, or phone 734-615-5159.

MCB Annual Fund (302061) supports critical and immediate needs and special incentives to sustain MCB and its programs. 

Anne E. Shipman Stevens Scholarship Fund* (726500) provides room and board to residents who have lived at MCB one or more years. Awards are based on need, service to the Building, and scholarship.

Isabel Quail Scholarship Fund* (799377) provides needs-based room and board for MCB students.  The scholarship will give preference to Wolverine Pathway students (a U-M program preparing middle and high school students from low socio-economic families for college) along with other MCB students who demonstrate financial need.

MCB Historic Preservation Fund* (714007) is dedicated to MCB’s historic preservation and renovation needs.

Martha Cook Memorial Fund (300453) honors any and all alumnae and Building Directors overseen by the MCAA Board and used for Building and resident needs.

*Gifts to these endowment funds will be administered as permanent endowment funds under Michigan law and University policies.



Some Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What happened to the money William Cook left in his will for MCB’s maintenance?
Although Mr. Cook gave several gifts to MCB after it was built—the garden, books, Venus, and Portia, to  name a few—he did not leave any type of endowment during his lifetime or via his will.

2.  Why are we participating in the Victors for Michigan campaign?
We want MCB to be home to U-M women for another 100 years.  To ensure this, we are raising funds now for a renovation of the Building’s infrastructure.

Martha Cook main hallway

Silver Needed

Attention all Alumnae! Our beloved Martha Cook needs to replace several of the silver teapots we use on a regular basis. Do you have silver pieces in storage that you no longer use? Would you like to donate them to Martha Cook? We need to replace the following items:

  • 13 Six cup pots
  • 3 Sixteen cup urns
  • 4 Eight cup pots

If you have pieces you can donate, contact Marion Law by telephone at 734-763-2084 or by email to

photo silver service needed

Donate Your Sewing Machine to MCB

Attention all Cookies!

Do you have a sewing machine and sewing table that is not being used? Wouldn’t you love to donate it to a great group of women? The women of Martha Cook would love to have a sewing machine to use in the building. If you have a machine and table you can donate, please contact Marion Law by telephone at 734-763-2084 or by email to

photo donate your sewing machine

Gap Scholarship Comes of Age

Phyllis Valentine BA ‘65, MA ‘69, MLS ‘77

February 2016, I donated money to create a Gap Room and Board Scholarship to cover the diff erence in cost between a Martha Cook standard double room and a comparable room in other residence halls; $1300 per student for two semesters. The idea was prompted by a casual remark by a non-Cookie friend at our 50th U-M reunion. 

photo Gap Scholarship

Congratulations on a Successful Giving Blueday

For the fourth straight year, the Martha Cook Building participated in Giving Blueday, the universitywide day of giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Throughout the day, donation challenges were off ered via social media and special events for students and alumnae were held across campus.

photo Giving Blueday

Greetings from Student Life

By Dr. E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life

I am always moved by the truly exceptional support that Martha Cook alumnae show for your campus home. And while there are many things that make this community special, I know every visitor is struck by the beautiful heritage of the building itself. In a university with so many fine examples of architecture, the Martha Cook Building stands out as a true gem. On behalf of the university, we thank the Board of Governors for its part in helping preserve this iconic home.

Dr. E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life

Creating a Legacy for the Next 100 Years

A bequest made in your will or trust is one of the easiest ways you can leave a lasting legacy for the Martha Cook Building and future generations of women.

And, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time…
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Benefits of Your Bequest

  • Receive estate tax charitable deduction.
  • Lessen the burden of taxes on your family.
  • Leave a lasting legacy.

Your Bequest Options
A bequest may be made in several ways:

Photo:  Martha Cook Annual, 1919

Donor Story: Kathy Graneggen Moberg

“I’ve gained so much from the Martha Cook Building,“ says Kathy Graneggen Moberg ’79. “It gave me a sense of belonging, a special home base, from my first days on the big U-M campus. Sit-down and faculty dinners honed my conversational skills. I learned the art of balancing a plate and teacup at Friday teas! Co-chairing Messiah Dinner gave me self-confidence. Most important of course, are all the enduring Cookie friendships I’ve made both as a student and alumna.

Kathy and Bert Moberg