Martha Cook Building

Room and Board Gap Scholarships

By Phyllis Valentine BA 65 MA 69 AMLS 77

Our MCB 100th anniversary coincided with my 50th graduation reunion, so I met many more campus friends than usual. One friend from my year at Markley Hall said she'd always wanted to live at Martha Cook, but her scholarship aid didn't include the needed extra money; I gave her a tour of the building and she exclaimed how she would have loved to live there. I wondered how many others like her never made it into the building, where as residents they would be able to compete for existing scholarships.

Apply to Live at Martha Cook

Martha Cook takes applications all year around. Once you have been accepted to the University of Michigan and have sent in your deposit, you are eligible to apply for housing.

President Schlissel visiting Martha Cook

Room Information and Rates

Room Type Information

All rooms are unique and vary in shape and size, but all of them are larger than the standard dorm room at the University. Almost all Doubles, Double Deluxes, Single Suites and Singles have their own sink or share one with 1-2 other rooms. 

Single Suites are two single rooms that share a small entry area with a sink and make up most of the rooms on the second and third floors. 

room photo