Room Information and Rates

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Room Type Information

All rooms are unique and vary in shape and size, but all of them are larger than the standard dorm room at the University. Almost all Doubles, Double Deluxes, and Singles share a sink with 1-2 other rooms. 

Single rooms share a small entry area with another room.  The entry area has a sink that is shared by the rooms. 

Double Deluxe (Enhanced) rooms are some of the largest type of double at the University. Double Suites have two closets and are slightly larger than Double rooms. 

Double rooms either have a sink in the room or share a sink with 1-2 other single or double rooms.

Other important information: 

  • Martha Cook has community bathrooms, but residents have a sink in their room or share one in an entry way with 2-4 other residents. 
  • Rooms do not include overhead lighting but include a lamp, 2 wall sconces and a closet light.
  • Rooms located on the Mezzanines do not have elevator access.


In fall 2019, Martha Cook completed their first system-wide replacement of room furnishings since the Building opened in 1915. Rooms received new desks & chairs, dressers with mirrors, book cases, lamps, and beds with headboards and underbed storage drawers. All pieces incorporated resident suggestions and were designed to fit the stately style unique to Martha Cook. William W. Cook not only donated the Martha Cook Building, but he was very "hands on" in the construction and selection of the furnishings. His guiding principle was to "buy the best, but without waste or extravagance." This update continues the grace and elegance of Martha Cook.

All rooms contain:

  • twin XL bed(s)
  • lamp
  • book case
  • trash can(s)
  • recycling containers
  • dresser(s)
  • desk(s)
  • desk chair(s)

Martha Cook Rates

View U-M Housing rates for Martha Cook online. These room & board rates are set near the start of each academic year and typically experience an incremental increase each year. Room & board rates include both the cost of the room and Martha Cook meal plan.