Martha Cook Building

MCAA Brings Halloween Treats to Martha Cook Resident

"Trick or Treat!” There were no tricks, just well-deserved treats for our MCB residents. 

On Halloween, students took a study break to enjoy a pile of treats. While room-to-room “trick or treating” couldn’t happen, the Martha Cook Alumnae Association preserved the tradition when they provided ribbon-bundled treats. And of course, they were served on a silver tray!

Halloween candy bundles on a silver tray

House Board President's Report Fall 2020

Delaney Dahlstrom ‘21

My name is Delaney Dahlstrom and as the President of Martha Cook this year, I am hoping that many of you either have met me or have heard from me this year. If not, I hope to meet you all in the near future. I’m currently a senior double majoring in English Literature and History of Art. I have lived in the building for the past three years, two of which have been on House Board. I was the Vice President last year before making the rapid turnover to President when COVID-19 essentially shut down the University of Michigan campuses. 

House Board president Delaney Dahlstrom standing in a field of sunflowers

Life on Campus During the Spanish Flu of 1918

Deb Day Jansen BS ’75, MS ’77

Colleges and universities have relied on quarantines and other public health guidance to survive pandemics. The Spanish Flu of 1918 and Covid-19 in 2020 are no exception. The public health plans for both pandemics in the state of Michigan, city of Ann Arbor, and on the University of Michigan campus have many similarities. Both pandemics required wearing masks and closing public entertainment and schools. The University in both pandemics considered cancelling classes.

Statue of Venus wearing a block M mask.