Martha Cook Building

A Bit of History: House Rules in U-M’s Centennial Era

By Catherine Walsh Davis BA’70, MM’76

In 1917, U-M celebrated its centennial, but the residence hall movement was in its nascence, with only Martha Cook, Helen Newberry, a few sororities, and League Houses (approved boarding houses) available to women. University-wide rules for women’s housing were still being developed, but those that existed were stringent by today’s standards and were meant to protect the reputations of the campus women.

Photo from 1917 MCB Annual

MCB Participates in U-M’s Bicentennial

The Martha Cook Building has enthusiastically participated in two of the events of the University's year-long bicentennial observance. Additional events are sure to follow as the year progresses.

Museum on Main Street Exhibit

A Word from the Board of Governors

By the Martha Cook Board of Governors

The Martha Cook Community is alive and well! We have just completed the first year of our collaborative agreement with University of Michigan Student Life. For all of us, this has been a year of transition, a year with some ups and downs, but also one of inclusion and getting to know one another. It has been a year in which the Governors have reflected on the past, but focused on the future and our intent to preserve the history and culture of our college home.

Board of Governors

The Journey in a Day: 200 Years of Student Life at the University of Michigan

When:  April 2, 2017 - October 22, 2017  (Click here to see entire schedule)

Where:  The Museum on Main Street, 500 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

U-M students have teamed up to create this sweeping exhibition, surveying two hundred years of daily rituals, social life, challenges, victories, and the roles U-M students have played in historical events. Visitors are invited to witness two hundred years of world and regional history, reflected in the lives of U-M students.

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