Martha Cook Building

Martha Cook tea cup

The MCAA Board of Directors is made up of volunteer alumnae who are actively involved in serving the Association and the Building through their efforts.

Board members meet at the Martha Cook Building once a month, for eight months a year. Currently, meetings are held at 1 pm on 2nd Sundays.

You can reach the entire board at once by emailing


MCAA Board 2017 - 2018
PJ (Patricia Joan) Petitpren BA ’88,
Vice President
Liz Johnson BA ’68, MA ’72
Recording Secretary
Anna Richert BMus ’83, MMus ’84
Mary Hoadley BA ’89
FaLessia Booker BA ’97 Susan Christoff BA ’78, AMLS ’81
Melissa Gessner BA ’90, MA ’92 Colleen Mayhew BS ’09
Renee McKinney BA ’91, AMLS ’95 Cristina Munoz BS ’08
Christina Talamonti BA ’07 Nanci Josephson Rands BA ’66
Paula Petitpren Wiggins BA ’87 Dionne Webster-Cox BGS ’91
Board of Governors' Representative
Deborah Day Jansen ’75, ’77


MCAA Committee Chairs
Winter Tea
Spring Tea
Melissa Gessner



Newsletter Editor
FaLessia Booker
Marie Skrobola
Cookie Crumbs Editor
Kathy Moberg