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The Martha Cook Board of Governors works in partnership with University Housing to preserve the unique character and traditions of the Martha Cook Building.  Each member is appointed by the President of the University of Michigan and (in most cases) are Martha Cook alumnae.

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MCB Board of Governors

Co-Chair, Mabelle Kirk BS ’61, MA ’68
Co-Chair, Deborah Day Jansen BS ’75, MS ’77
Nina Cataldo BA ’14
Martha Cook Campos BA ’72, AMLS ’74
Phyllis Taylor BA ’91

Martha Cook Building By-Laws

The function of the Board of Governors, with the approval of the President of the University of Michigan, and within the University structure, is to set policy for the management of the Martha Cook Building (MCB), to maintain and foster an environment of congenial living and growth, to maintain the traditions of MCB, to approve the budget and expenses of the Building, to maintain the historic Building itself, and to oversee the Building’s staff. The Board will also foster good working relationships with other departments of the University.

Red Room

A Time of Reflection

Mabelle Lengyel Chalfant Kirk BS ’61, MA ’68

This spring marks the conclusion of my six years on the Martha Cook Board of Governors, and it has been an interesting time. The Chinese saying (or perhaps curse) declares – “May you live in interesting times,” and it has certainly been. It’s astonishing to note that nothing stands still, but is constantly evolving, and so it is with Martha Cook.

Nina Catlado (left) and Mabelle Kirk. Credit: Jenna Roby.

Marion Law's Retirement

The Martha Cook Board of Governors announce the retirement of Marion Law effective August 2018.  Marion joined the Martha Cook family in the fall of 1997.  With over twenty years at Martha Cook, she is our longest serving Bulding Director.  Marion has given so much to the residents, alumnae and visitors, and we will never be able to thank her for her tremendous contributions to the Martha Cook family.

Photo of Marion and Dave Law

Martha Cook Board of Governors Sign Collaborative Agreement with U-M

by MCB Board of Governors

The Martha Cook Board of Governors are happy to announce that, after extended discussions, we’ve signed a Collaborative Agreement with University Housing and the Division of Student Life.  The group that helped to negotiate this new agreement included current and former members of the Board of Governors and University leadership and decision-makers.

William Cook

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