Martha Cook Building

Board of Governors

By the Martha Cook Board of Governors

The Martha Cook Community is alive and well! We have just completed the first year of our collaborative agreement with University of Michigan Student Life. For all of us, this has been a year of transition, a year with some ups and downs, but also one of inclusion and getting to know one another. It has been a year in which the Governors have reflected on the past, but focused on the future and our intent to preserve the history and culture of our college home.

As we used to sing, “Martha Cook, our Building, our dormitory dear, we love you.” We know that our college home is far more than a beautiful structure or a convenient location on campus. We know that it is a place where community flourishes and life-long friendships are built. It still is a place where everyone is welcome and supported regardless of economic or social background. MCB was culturally diverse before that was a popular phrase, and it remains so today. It is a place of tradition which reflects not just the past but also the current residents. It is also a place which supports the residents emotionally, via scholarships and at the same time encourages and teaches service and leadership and feels like home forever.

This is the Martha Cook atmosphere which has always existed and it is the duty and mission of the Board of Governors to ensure that this environment is maintained forever.

You ask how can we accomplish this? Through the collaborative agreement, the Board of Governors is in a unique positon to work with U-M Student Life to carry out William Cook’s promise that the Martha Cook lifestyle continues for the Cookie residents. During this past year, we have been included in the selection of our dining manager, the hall director, the creation of a support position (a Martha Cook community coordinator), student staffing suggestions, building activities and enhancements. We have maintained and shared our traditions with our Student Life colleagues. We also worked closely with the residents’ House Board, attending each other’s meetings and establishing a reciprocal open door policy. We are all working hard to make sure that Martha Cook remains that special place for the current residents, just as it was for us.