Martha Cook Building

William Cook

by MCB Board of Governors

The Martha Cook Board of Governors are happy to announce that, after extended discussions, we’ve signed a Collaborative Agreement with University Housing and the Division of Student Life.  The group that helped to negotiate this new agreement included current and former members of the Board of Governors and University leadership and decision-makers.

Via this new agreement, the Board of Governors and University Housing will work in partnership to preserve and maintain the unique traditions of Martha Cook.  An important part of the agreement is the resolution by all parties to administer Martha Cook in close consultation with each other on important changes that will impact the residents and staff, with the Board of Governors providing input and guidance on issues related to the heritage of the Building and the social experience of the Building’s residents.

For 100 years, the Board of Governors has helped to foster and support the traditions that make Martha Cook unique among residence halls at the University of Michigan.  Our new partnership with University Housing and the Division of Student Life builds on that history, with a shared commitment to provide a safe and enriching living experience for the women choosing to live at Martha Cook. 

The collaborative agreement is available at : .